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by | Mar 31, 2020


A brand is not just a logo, or a company’s mission statement, or even the product or service itself. A brand is the emotional connection a consumer develops with a company, how the consumer sees the product fitting into their life and how it helps them define themselves as a person.

This connection is the one element that turns an individual consumer into a brand ambassador. We are here to help you evolve your message into one that gets noticed by the right audience and remembered for the right reasons.


Through our proprietary strategic planning process, EVOLVE; we will fully be able to achieve all of our client’s ambitions and goals. EVOLVE is a multi-dimensional, full immersion strategic planning process, which develops an understanding of a client’s organization, their challenges, products and/or services, as well as a competitive analysis of their industry.

EVOLVE is not observational, it is an interaction between The Evans Group and the client. EVOLVE brings people together and allows their voices to be heard. It creates a cohesive team and thought process between client and agency. EVOLVE actively involves our clients and often initiates a level of internal conversation within their organization, that otherwise would have never occurred. EVOLVE constantly evolves, and each EVOLVE process is specific to one client and that client alone.


Every business or organization has a story to tell, one which deserves to be clearly and beautifully communicated through images and words. The Evans Group puts its clients first and helps them develop the narrative behind their brand that informs their advertising and marketing materials for customers while creating a positive image of the brand in their customers’ minds.

We let you tell your story and add to that narrative so you can reach your target audience and drive revenue.